Magura Mountain Bike Brakes and Suspension

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magura marta sl mountain bike disc brake 268x300 Magura Mountain Bike Brakes and SuspensionBelieve it or not there was a time when Mountain biking was in its infancy that several of the luxuries we take for granted today were not available. Indeed the first mountain bikes were little more than ten speeds with heavier and more durable frames and wheels. In those early days taking a rough path was a whole new experience in back and knee pain. Well as with everything else over time, mountain biking has addressed many of the comfort and injury issues that plagued the sport in its earliest days. Now almost everyone has specialized forks, shocks, frames and tires all designed to make a ride more comfortable and reduce the amount of wear and tear on our joints.

While many companies offer great products, one of the best is Magura. Magura offers a wide range of products ranging from brake sets to rearshocks, and while these products kick butt, where Magura really kicks butt is in their offering of front forks. Somehow these guys manage to offer not only a couple of high quality forks, but they manage to offer forks for almost any riding style. If you are into going a little crazy freestyle, than you want to check out their magura odur mountain bike suspension fork Magura Mountain Bike Brakes and Suspension2008 Wotan suspension forks. If you are a just more of a functional rider than Odur style is something you want to look into. It really doesn’t matter what kind of riding style you have Magura bike parts certainly offer something for everyone. However their forks are really only the beginning.

Among the many offerings from Magura are some of the best brake sets you will find on the planet. With a combination of unique design and high quality materials, Magura has managed to create both disc and rim brakes. While true you can only do so much with a rim brake, going anywhere else but Magura for disc brakes is a waste of time. The disc brakes that Magura offer have two ideas in mind, that they work, and that they are easy to remove when you need to get to the tire. Overall they just plain rock.

So what is it that makes Magura so special? They have a passion that is almost unmatched in the field. The people at Magura want to make the best product not just for the sake of making a few bucks, but because they want the best ride they can get. This fierce dedication and passion to making bike parts has truly allowed Magura to rise above the rest of the crowd. If only all parts and bike manufacturers approached their craft in the same way.

TAG Wheels Mountain Bike Wheelsets Are Indestructible

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tag wheels sea otter 199x300 TAG Wheels Mountain Bike Wheelsets Are IndestructibleIf you were to take a poll of most bikers around the world, without a doubt one of the biggest fears you would find would be the fear of a flat down deep on a trail with no way to repair it. It makes sense; nothing in the world can ruin a kickin trail ride quicker than the loss of a tire, or even worse, a wheel. Most bikers carry a repair kit that can handle the occasional flat. However sometimes the flat is worse than can be easily fixed (pinch flats anyone) or the entire wheel decided to croak on you. With this in mind the guys over at TAG Wheels have decided to come out with some of the best wheels available.

I know there is a whole lot of techie mumbo jumbo about aerospace engineering and something known as the lost core molding process, but don’t let all that confuse you. What they really mean to say is that their wheels are damn near indestructible because they are made right. Basically their idea seemed to consist of interviewing my psychopathic nephew and following him on a couple of trails. When they learned that by observing him they could witness first hand the insanity a biker can inflict on their bike, they must have put their heads together and said “We can make something even this force of nature can’t destroy!” The final result is a wheel that to date my nephew has not been able to destroy.

So the wheels kick butt but what about flat problems. Well again semi scientific words like high impact, glass reinforced, composite materials let you know that they spared no expense in helping every rider meet the end tag wheels crankworx 201x300 TAG Wheels Mountain Bike Wheelsets Are Indestructibleof their trail with their bike in one piece. Again I figured they must have followed my nephew around to find every possible road threat to a tire. Again they made something near indestructible. I mean when was the last time you didn’t have to worry about a puncture flat? Admitted they still haven’t conquered the problem with pinch flats completely, but even these horrors are highly reduced compared to other wheels.

So okay with all this good stuff you got to wonder what the down side is right. Well despite the totally awesome wheels they offer, the one downside is that you are adding weight. The composite wheel alone weighs 1600g and the front hub 220g and rear 330g, so the total wheelset weighs 3750g.  However weight is a pretty small price to pay when you are looking at the fact that trails you have not been able to consider because of how rugged they were are now just a kick away. Admitted if you are doing a lot of hill climbing the weight can get kind of gruesome. So why not make a compromise? When you are doing a trail or just plain ride that weight is an issue, use normal wheels, but when you are planning on taking on a trail known for wrecking tires and wheels throw on the TAG Wheels and go nuts.

In the end the hobby of mountain biking is about seeing as much as you want to. Isn’t it a good idea then not to limit yourself because of fear that you might thrash a wheel or tire? Here at MTO bikes we believe on making sure everyone can reach their chosen peaks, so do so today.

Buy Now – Each wheelset comes with DT Swiss 440 freeride hubs and DT Swiss Skewers.  The other benefits are that the wheels switch out very easily to accomodate all axle diameters with simple end cap adapters.tag wheels at sea otter 300x200 TAG Wheels Mountain Bike Wheelsets Are Indestructible

FRX5 Front Wheel 100mm QR – $343.00
FRX5 Front Wheel 110mm 20mm Thru – $358.00

FRX5 Rear Wheel 135mm QR – $456.00
FRX5 Rear Wheel 135mm 10mm Thru – $456.00
FRX5 Rear Wheel 135mm 12mm Thru – $456.00
FRX5 Rear Wheel 150mm 12mm Thru – $487.00

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What you Need (A Beginners Guide to Mountain Biking)

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baby on bike 200x300 What you Need (A Beginners Guide to Mountain Biking)One of the most common questions people have when they begin the active and awarding hobby of mountain biking is “what do I need?” While some of the answers are pretty obvious such as getting a bike, there are several things that many new mountain bikers overlook. In many cases the fact that some of these things were overlooked often leads to injury, or a complete loss of interest in the hobby. It is the intent of this article to provide those who are new to the hobby a good look at what they will need to begin this exciting sport.

  • Bike weight: When you are first entering the hobby remember that lighter is not always better. Most people learned how to ride a bike on a medium or even heavy weight bike. This means that when you are first starting the hobby try to select a bike that feels good as you ride it. If you are having a hard time moving the bike, chances are it is too heavy. If you are having an easy time moving the bike but can’t seem to control it well, your bike is most likely too light. Remember you can always do things to lighten the bike as your skill increases.
  • Safety equipment: Even the most experienced biker will have a fall on occasion. The trails and terrain that you will be riding your bike along can at times be very rough. The last thing you want is to have to end a ride early because of injury. It is strongly advisable that not only should you buy a good helmet, but to also invest in knee and elbow pads. While this may take some of the mystique away from the hobby, you will be thankful you have such equipment the first time you wipe out on a muddy turn and go flying off your bike. When selecting safety equipment you want to make sure it fits well and is comfortable to both walk and ride in. After all, if you take off your safety equipment because it’s not comfortable, it is not doing any good.
  • Repair kit: Every biker has a story about having to stop their ride in order to help another biker fix a flat or a broken chain. Also many bikers have a story about getting a flat or breaking a chain and having to push their bike back up the trail for miles instead of spending the day riding. This is why having a basic repair kit handy is a great idea.
  • Proper Attire: Dressing properly for both the weather and the environment you will be riding in is a very important thing to give consideration. If you are expecting rain on a day you plan to ride, wear water proof or resistant clothing. Also if you plan to be gone most of the day, bring some warm clothing with you just in case of a sudden temperature drop. While bringing extra clothes means extra weight, having them when you need them is always a good thing.
  • Snack food and water: Biking burns a lot of calories (in fact that is one of its chief benefits), however riding too long without some kind refueling of the body could create several problems. When selecting food granola bars or trail mix are probably the best. These kinds of foods tend to be light weight and easy to store while providing a lot of energy. Pure water is always the best thing to take for drinking on the trail, however Gatorade or a similar sports drink can replace much of the bodies salt that is lost during exertion.

As you gain experience with biking you will find other things that you may need or want as your ride. Some riders always bring a flashlight with them, while other riders try to remain as light as possible. The main thing is to consider safety and comfort as you begin to ride. As you become a veteran of the beautiful trials offered in the world, you will start to develop your own list that has been earned through experience. So good luck and may you find many trails as you begin this wonderful hobby.


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