Chrome Bags Light Weight Shins in for Review

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chrome bags light weight shins asphalt color Chrome Bags Light Weight Shins in for ReviewYou know what I love more than getting review product delivered to my doorstep?  While on the way home from work receiving an email on my iPhone from a vendor verifying that I received the product.  That’s what Rob at Chome Bags did.  I’m the kind of guy that when I buy something I can’t wait to open the package until I get home so I attack it as soon as I step foot outside of the store’s doors…it’s the kid in me I guess.

I have been really stoked about receiving the Shins for a few reasons:

  • will no longer solely focus on mountain bikes.  Chrome Bags marks the first vendor to help support us in this new endeavor.
  • About ten years ago we bought my father a bike so that he could commute to work.  He bought an odometer shortly after and has Just under 12,000 miles logged on the bike.  His longest ride has only been 34 miles.  Around the time we bought my father his bike I had been riding to and from high school to my job as a pharmacy technician.  I moved closer to work in December and got the itch to start biking to work.  I bought a single speed 29er (commuter/road bike on the way), but I’ve been lacking good commuter apparel.  Enter Chrome Bags Light Weight Shins.
  • In regards to commuter apparel, bags, and backpacks Chrome Bags have quite a reputation and as such I have been really excited to get my hands on some gear.

I realize I kind of rambled on for awhile…hey, I’m excited.  Not only am I excited about the Shins, but this marks a new era for MTOBikes.

Here’s what Chrome Bags has to say about the Light Weight Shins:

Our lightweight Shins deliver technical features that riders depend on for the daily grind. The lighter 4.6 oz material will act as a second skin without the added weight in hotter climates. This 3/4 length technical cycling knicker will stay in rotation due to its functionality on the bike and its clean, fresh look off.

  • Made of 4-way Tweeve™ Durastretch™ fabric, a durable, breathable fabric, that retains its shape and is also water-repellant
  • Cut high in back and low in front
  • Keeper pockets
  • Lightly padded chamois seat and inseam
  • Reinforced hem
  • Zipper and secured cargos
  • Articulated knees

The Shins are available in the following sizes:

Small: 28″-30″ / inseam 21″– Medium: 30″-32″ / inseam 22″– Large: 32″-34″ / inseam 22.5″– X-Large: 34″-37″ / inseam 23″

Retail on the Light Weight Shins are $160.00.

First impressions

chrome bags light weight shins zipper pockets Chrome Bags Light Weight Shins in for ReviewThe material used is very light weight, has great breathability, and stretches anywhere from 1-3″ in any direction.  They are stylish.  Let me repeat, they are stylish.  Sexy and sleek.  The thigh pockets are deep and cargo pockets have zippers.  There was good reason for my excitement and at first glance it doesn’t appear that I’ll be disappointed.

A review of the Light Weight Shins will be published soon, so check back often or sign up for our RSS feed or newsletter to be notified when the review is published.

Polar RS800CX BIKE in for Review

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If you follow us on Twitter or belong to the our Facebook group, you were probably already aware of the Polar RS800CX BIKE that we received for review.

polar rs800cx bike Polar RS800CX BIKE in for ReviewFinland-based Polar Electro is one of the very few companies giving Garmin some competition in the category of GPS devices for mountain bike enthusiasts.  The new RS800CX BIKE sports wrist watch is the do-all personal trainer from Polar.  Polar strives to help people get fit and improve their physical performance.  The RS800CX BIKE is their top of the line training system specifically for cyclists.

What does Polar have to say about the RS800CX BIKE?


Get the most out of your performance with the RS800CX. With its professional training software you can effectively plan and analyze every detail of your ride. See your route profile and total meters climbed with the altitude, ascent and descent features, as well as uphill or downhill steepness in percentages and grades to help you to track your efficiency effort while training.

  • Comes with the wireless CS speed sensor™ W.I.N.D. for interference-free cycling data
  • Synchronizes with the Polar ProTrainer 5™ software for guidance, analysis and creating individual training settings
  • Determines if your training program and recovery time are optimally developing your performance
  • Measures incline and adjusts your efforts accordingly

We will be testing the RS800CX BIKE with the following accessories: G3 GPS sensor W.I.N.D., CS cadence sensor™ W.I.N.D., and the Universal Bike Mount

Have you used a product from Polar?  Do you currently use a similar device?  We’d love to hear from you, please respond in the comments section below.

A Jacket for All Occasions

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sophia jacket 274x300 A Jacket for All Occasions The package came in a regular brown box, but once open it’s meticulous wrapping in red tissue paper made it seem like a Christmas present forgotten for weeks. At least, it even felt that way. The jacket was soft as I ran the soft baby blue fabric over my hands, wondering was this truly a bike jacket, or something I was expected to wear out next weekend with my friends? In lieu of a Christmas card, there came a letter direct from the owner or Harlot Clothing Company. In it she thanked me for this, the review, but went on to brilliantly explain to me the content of my “present”, The Sophia jacket. However, in only a few hours of wear it was evident that she didn’t need to convince me of this jacket.

I was somewhat familiar with Harlot clothing company as this past summer I was looking to eek out of my lycra riding shorts and in to something more mountainous and less road biker. The only bump in bike clothing shopping was finding women’s specific clothes that fit a womanly, sporty figure and not your “average woman.” Because at 5 foot nothing I am still in shape. I run marathons in the winter and race mountain bikes in the summer. I coach the girl’s tennis team and run circles around our boy’s baseball team in the winter. Athleticism is not a question in my life and there is no denying the genes of my family. Hips, thighs, curves, I am every “’s” desire. Hence why I wanted away from the lycra and into something with a little more fabric. Here came Harlot.

I started with their shorts last summer. An elastic waist won me over coupled with padding that left you feeling as if your seat bones were bare as opposed to feeling as if an adult diaper was strapped to you. It’s not your ordinary biking short. They are fitting, yet stretchable, and hugging yet breathable. And again, as with the Sophia Jacket, you can wear them while you kick back with a beer after a satiating ride.
The Sophia Jacket offers all this and more. Immediately after opening, like a kid at Christmas, I threw it on over my sweaty running clothes and took the dog out for yet another run. It has all the additives of a biking jacket including being longer in the back to cover it all as you hunch over the bike as well as having longer sleeves. Yet, the look was blended into a checkered soft shell on the outside that could easily be worn out for happy hour on Friday. Add the cozy fleeced inside coupled with a higher collar and you have yourself a comfortable jacket for the biting winds of the changing seasons.

The jacket fit and it fit well. Versatile does not even begin to explain the first day (the earlier paragraph only described the evening I spent with it) I had with my Sophia. I wore it at 5 am for my run in 20 degrees with a thin wicking shirt underneath and managed to stay warm and dry. Surprisingly, after a quick whiff of it, I realized it still smelled new and I was able to wear it to work as an extra layer for when the heat shut off in my classroom (one must love public education). Coworkers complimented me before I even had a chance to brag about my new digs and by the afternoon I was wearing it to coach the tennis team all the while basking in compliments from high school girls and other coaches. Undoubtedly, it is one rugged, cozy, warm, yet sleek and stylish all at the same time.

The Sophia Jacket is not your average Christmas present, which makes it all the more exciting. There is no doubt that Harlot is coming up with innovative, comfortable, versatile outerwear for active, adventurous women that goes beyond what we have ever expected. It has taken into account the details that we forget including a longer backend, pocket on the sleeve, and fleece collar and of course their insignia red star that reminds you that this is one tough chick wearing it.

To view a 2009 Harlot catalog and order your own Sophia Jacket, visit

Innovations Powered Inflation Kit/MTB Review

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genuine innovations powered inflation kit mtb Innovations Powered Inflation Kit/MTB ReviewI went riding today with my friend Matt at Blankets mountain bike trail located in Woodstock, GA.  It was another day of riding in the rain and getting muddy.  Having my clothes covered in mud from the ride I got the itch to go visit The Bicycle Doctor as I decided it might make sense to buy another pair of shorts.  I wanted to get some Hoss Technical Gear riding shorts, however Scott was out of my size so he had to order them for me.  I wasn’t satisfied leaving Scott’s store empty handed so I asked him for his recommendations on a Co2 Tire Inflator and a Chain Lubricant product.  I trust Scott so I purchased what he recommended.

This review focuses on the Co2 Tire Inflator he recommended, Genuine Innovations Powered Inflation Kit/MTB.  Innovations, Inc. headquarters is in Tucson, Arizona and their products are made in the USA.   On their website, they claim they are #1 in Co2 Inflators, while I’m not in a position to verify this claim I will make one observation, they sure seem to have the widest selection of any Co2 Inflator company that I’ve come across.  Read more