Ay Up Introduces the Gecko Lightset Mount

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We wrote a review awhile back about Ay Up’s mountain bike and road bike light system.  Ay Up’s lights weigh under 60 grams and the battery a tad over 80 grams which enables users the ability to use the new Gecko Lightest Mount velcro mountain system.  This type of helmet mounting offers an alternative method of mounting your helmet lights and batteries.

The below is a press release from Ay UP

ay up gecko lightset mount 1 300x226 Ay Up Introduces the Gecko Lightset Mount

ay up gecko lightset mount 2 300x146 Ay Up Introduces the Gecko Lightset Mount

ay up gecko lightset mount 3 300x197 Ay Up Introduces the Gecko Lightset Mount

Above image shows the Gecko Lightset Mount …

Using very flexible plastic mountings that can be contorted and twisted into any shape along with Industrial Strength 3M velcro dots you can now mount your helmet and light mount in seconds.

ay up gecko battery holder naked 300x177 Ay Up Introduces the Gecko Lightset Mount

Above image showing the naked Gecko Battery Holder, note the slots in the sides to allow cable ties through for permanent mounting. (featured on both the mounts)

Both mounts can be removed completely extremely quickly leaving behind 8 velcro dots on your helmet. Battery swap over is super fast for those ever shorter pit stops during epic races.

Daytime use helmet below…

ay up gecko lightset mount daytime use 300x187 Ay Up Introduces the Gecko Lightset Mount

With both Gecko’s attached less the Lightset which snaps into place …

ay up gecko lightset mount both mounts attached 300x201 Ay Up Introduces the Gecko Lightset Mount

Complete Gecko System, installed in seconds

ay up gecko lightset mount system 300x211 Ay Up Introduces the Gecko Lightset Mount

The added benefit of the mounts being super flexible is you can mount these anywhere on any type of surface.

Below head on image shows the slim but strong profile of the Gecko Lightset Mount…

ay up gecko lightset mount profile 300x162 Ay Up Introduces the Gecko Lightset Mount

Round poles, walls, glass, skate lids, caving, hard hats and helmets with no vents whatsoever, no problem.

The mount weight is under 5 grams but these little guys are as tough and as strong as our current mounts. The plastic composite we use super flexible and UV protective. They will attach to any profile and shape, no worries …

AY-UP Light System Review: The Light System You Have Always Wanted – No Joke!

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ay up mountain bike light system kit 300x295 AY UP Light System Review: The Light System You Have Always Wanted – No Joke!There is a lot to complain about these days: Work, the economy, gas prices, elections… One of my biggest complaints in the bike world is light systems that don’t deliver. Through my time in retail I spent many hours checking out the latest and greatest, yet each one was lacking in one department or another. It seemed like most manufacturers were just out of tune with the market. All of a sudden I get a box delivered to my doorstep, a ring of light glowing around it. I open it up and I find Ay-up. Ay-Up sells several different lighting systems and I received the MTB version. It includes two three hour batteries, one six hour battery, a dual battery charger, a 12v DC adapter for the car, a wide beam light for the handlebars, a narrow beam light for helmet mount, and several different pouches straps and zip ties. After unpacking everything I decide do some research; check out the company and see their claims.

ay up downhill mountain biking light system 300x169 AY UP Light System Review: The Light System You Have Always Wanted – No Joke!One of my biggest complaints with light systems is awkward batteries with miserably slow charging times and a lack of a smart charging system (you have to unplug the battery when it is fully charged otherwise it can be damaged). Ay-Up claimed to solve it all, but not one to be satisfied with manufacturer claims, I wanted to see for myself. The charger was indeed a smart charger and allowed you to charge two batteries at the same time. Later I discovered they had another version which allowed up to six batteries to be charged at once, and you can mix batteries of different charge levels and hour ratings with no problems. In just a few of hours I had all three batteries charged and ready to go. A lot of the other light systems on the market can take six, seven, even eight hours or more to completely charge! Combine that fact with the lack of a smart charging system and you have some battery headaches on your hands. But the Ay-Up batteries also feature built-in short circuit protection, do not suffer the dreaded memory effect (so you can recharge them without fully discharging them), are water proof to 1 meter, and can withstand a drop 5 meters to a concrete floor! That’s pretty hard to beat. I was already very impressed! The other thing that immediately struck me is the battery size: They were small and light. The 3 hour versions weighed in at just 70 grams (.15 lbs.) and were 1 3/4 inches, by 3 inches, by 1 inch in size; the 6 hour weighed 130 grams (.29 lbs.) and measured 3 inches, by 4 1/2 inches, by 1 1/2 inches. Each one has an integrated switch and a little pouch to make mounting easy.

ay up lights1 AY UP Light System Review: The Light System You Have Always Wanted – No Joke!Then I looked at the lights: The stylish anodized housings were available in 12 different colors, and the MTB kit included one wide beam and one narrow beam light. I examined them carefully and though at first glance I questioned their durability, some close examination and accidentally slamming my helmet mounted set into the wall proved they were darn near bullet-proof. Not to mention Ay-Up says; “You break it… we want it back. A new set will be delivered to your door as soon as physically possible.” I haven’t heard of any bike light manufacturer that stands behind their product to that extent… amazing! That being settled I installed the lights, plugged in the batteries and hit the trail. As I blazed down the trail I started to wonder why they had dual beams if they both pointed to the same spot, then an epiphany. I rotated one of the beams slightly above the other and viola, a longer beam. What a concept, a longer beam to see more of the trail in front of you… no need for a brighter light that sucks down you battery juice twice as fast just to see more of the trail.

ay up light system in use 300x225 AY UP Light System Review: The Light System You Have Always Wanted – No Joke!

A lot of people look for the system with the brightest and widest possible beam, but because the Ay-Up system uses a helmet and handlebar mount light together, you can see the area on the trail immediately around you, as well as details in the terrain, and use your helmet mount to scan further up the trail. Ay-Up does not offer the brightest or the widest beam on the market, but you don’t need either with the combo of head and handlebar light. That is not to say the system lacks power; the handlebar light or headlamp alone are enough to easily find your way on the trail. And because of the compact super-light design, you can barely tell the weight difference with a battery pack and light on top of your head.

Some other things to note, besides the if you break it they replace it warranty, is a 1-year full replacement guarantee for any failures during normal use. Ay-Up has a commitment to spreading innovation, so they soon plan to offer a discount upgrade program so current Ay-Up users can get the latest gear without paying the full price. Who else does that?

Staying on the subject of complaints this article was very hard to write. Every time I finished a paragraph I remembered another great bit of info from Ay-Up. There is so much thought and effort not only in the design of the system, but in the warranties and support. Below I put together a quick feature list with some of the main points:

Huge Variety of Mounting Options
Helmet Light and Handlebar Light for Most Versatile Platform Available
Dual beam adjustable lights
Stylish Look