Magura Mountain Bike Brakes and Suspension

June 20, 2008 by  
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magura marta sl mountain bike disc brake 268x300 Magura Mountain Bike Brakes and SuspensionBelieve it or not there was a time when Mountain biking was in its infancy that several of the luxuries we take for granted today were not available. Indeed the first mountain bikes were little more than ten speeds with heavier and more durable frames and wheels. In those early days taking a rough path was a whole new experience in back and knee pain. Well as with everything else over time, mountain biking has addressed many of the comfort and injury issues that plagued the sport in its earliest days. Now almost everyone has specialized forks, shocks, frames and tires all designed to make a ride more comfortable and reduce the amount of wear and tear on our joints.

While many companies offer great products, one of the best is Magura. Magura offers a wide range of products ranging from brake sets to rearshocks, and while these products kick butt, where Magura really kicks butt is in their offering of front forks. Somehow these guys manage to offer not only a couple of high quality forks, but they manage to offer forks for almost any riding style. If you are into going a little crazy freestyle, than you want to check out their magura odur mountain bike suspension fork Magura Mountain Bike Brakes and Suspension2008 Wotan suspension forks. If you are a just more of a functional rider than Odur style is something you want to look into. It really doesn’t matter what kind of riding style you have Magura bike parts certainly offer something for everyone. However their forks are really only the beginning.

Among the many offerings from Magura are some of the best brake sets you will find on the planet. With a combination of unique design and high quality materials, Magura has managed to create both disc and rim brakes. While true you can only do so much with a rim brake, going anywhere else but Magura for disc brakes is a waste of time. The disc brakes that Magura offer have two ideas in mind, that they work, and that they are easy to remove when you need to get to the tire. Overall they just plain rock.

So what is it that makes Magura so special? They have a passion that is almost unmatched in the field. The people at Magura want to make the best product not just for the sake of making a few bucks, but because they want the best ride they can get. This fierce dedication and passion to making bike parts has truly allowed Magura to rise above the rest of the crowd. If only all parts and bike manufacturers approached their craft in the same way.